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NSW TrainLink

The company

On 1 July 2013, NSW TrainLink replaced the regional train and coach services that were formerly provided by CountryLink. It also took on the Intercity services operating from the Sydney CBD formerly operated by CityRail (now known as Sydney Trains). All NSW TrainLink services are provided by the NSW Government through an overarching entity: NSW Trains.

Their Services

The network covers New South Wales (NSW) and consists in various services : intercity lines, regional lines, and coach services. The NSW TrainLink network connects more than 365 destinations across NSW, Victoria, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.


Different train travelling options are available : economy/first class, sleeping accomodation, food and drink.

NSW Trainlink sells point to point travel tickets or rail passes for international travellers: Backtracker pass, and East Coast Discovery Pass.

Environmental policy

NSW TrainLink recognises its own responsibility to protect the environment and to operate in a sustainable manner. They are continually striving to improve their own environmental performance in areas such as: air quality, biodiversity, energy management, noise and vibration, water usage, waste management.

They are working to develop and implement initiatives across the network that will benefit the environment, local communities and travellers now and into the future.

NSW TrainLink in our project

We will use Backtracker passes which will give us unlimited economy travel on all NSW TrainLink train and coach services (available for 14 days, one month, three months or six months).

To know more about the company and the services: www.nswtrainlink.info

Our NSW TrainLink experience

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