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WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) was started in England in 1972 when the first WWOOFers spent a weekend helping on an organic farm in exchange for their keep.

Today there are around 50 WWOOF groups all over the world.

Throughout the world the WWOOF philosophy is the same : WWOOF Hosts provide food and lodging to travellers and students in exchange for between 4 and 6 hours work per day.

Lionel Pollard started WWOOF in Australia in 1981, and over the last 31 years WWOOF has grown into an organization that employs 7 people, and publishes a WWOOF Book of over 2,400 Host farms and properties all over Australia. This book provides contact details, a description of the property, the work to be done and the accommodation and meal situation. The WWOOFer simply browses through the list, chooses a place they would like to go and contacts the Host to arrange a mutually suitable time to visit.

WWOOFers live and work with the Host families in the same way as relatives and friends do when they visit.

WWOOF Australia in our project

As we want to meet people and discover new activities and new ways of living, and as we are interested in lowering our impact on the environment, wwoofing appears to be a good solution for us. We will give priority to this kind of accomodation and activity during our trip.

To know more about WWOOF Australia: www.wwoof.com.au

Our Wwoof Australia experience

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