It’s winter, we are listening to Logar!


And because it is summer in the north hemisphere, we thought we should share some good music with you.

Besides he is a friend, he is cool and he is playing incredibly good music… Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy LOGAR:

Happy New Year!!

Best wishes! We wish you to make this year full of personal and professional projects, rich of meetings, of shared experiences. Made of success or of failure whatever (even if we’d rather wish you success…), we particularly wish you to try!

On our side, we took the chance to fulfill one of ours: discover Australia and take the opportunity to try another lifestyle, more nomadic. Well, the side effect will be that we will live this year far form our friends and relatives… but unfortunately, as we try to solve this problem, we came to the conclusion that we couldn’t bring everybody with us!

Of course, if you are willing to come and visit us, please don’t hesitate! Anyway, we will be thinking about you, and we will do our best to share our adventures with you!

Marie & Ed

This is the end… Time for a new beginning!


Yesterday, Marie and I did our last day at work. It was the occasion to share a good meal or a few drinks with our coworkers before we said good bye an leave them for 12 months. Indeed we got lucky once again, we will get our job back as we return from our long journey! Life is wonderful, isn’t it?

At the time I am writing this post, we are on our way to Paris for Christmas Eve at Joliveau’s. The few last weeks have been intense and we had many things to do before we go:

  • Move Gugu in our appartment
  • Finish all theses administrative papers for our journey
  • Finalize the deals with our partners
  • Pack our bags for the next year
  • Leave work without too much mess behind us…

It wasn’t that easy but here we are! We left Gugu and Grigri at the appartment. It seems like they made themselves at home, which is great!

Now the only thing that left to do is to take it easy and to enjoy this Christmas holidays with family and friends. We will start our Christmas marathon: great meals, great wines, family, friends… We need to be clever and take it slow !