Back in Robertson


We are back in Robertson, where we have spent 3 days at Rhondda’s farm. Like last time, we did a lot of work!

The apple season is over now, so on saturday, we have picked the last apples and removed the nets (the apple trees are protected from the birds by nets). On sunday, we have cut, crushed, and pressed all these apples (a few thousands!). At the end, we have been part to the production of around 200 liters of cider! We even had to do the last pressing by ourselves (and we didn’t have any problem with the machine this time). On monday, we have helped Rhondda to move all the cider’s bottles because there will be some renovation work in the cider house.

We have worked a lot, but once again, we have been well rewarded. Rhondda (a really good cook!) prepared us delicious meals (with fresh vegetables from her garden), always going with a (few) glass(es) of good cider. On sunday evening, we had the chance to meet her husband Paul, with whom we had a great dinner. To finish the week-end, Rhondda took us to show us around on monday. The weather was sunny, so we have been to the coast, to eat a good and fresh fish ‘n’ chip and have a nice walk.

Once again, we have really spent a good time at Rhondda’s farm, and she seemed glad to see us again too. She even offered us to come back again if we are going back near Robertson!

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