Bungendore > Bowral

  • From: Bungendore, Australie
  • To: Bowral, Australie
  • Distance: 160km

New trip with NSW Trainlink to Bowral, where Rhondda is going to pick us up. Until now, our trains were always on time, but this time the train is delayed. So it can happen even in Australia!

Can we compare to France?

Not at all! For many reasons:

  • When we had bought the tickets, we had been informed that the train would maybe be delayed due to some work on the line
  • We recieved an SMS a few hours before telling us that the train will be 60min late
  • We received another SMS telling us that the train will be only 45min late
  • NSW Trainlink called us on our mobile phone a few minutes before the train arrival to check if we were in the station and to tell us that the train was arriving.

Good service, isn’t it? After that, the trip was quite good, and we finally arrive in Bowral 45 minutes late, and after havig taken our diner in the train!

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