+ Last trip with Queensland Rail!

  • From: Innisfail, Australie
  • To: Ville de Townsville, Australie
  • Distance: 259km
  • From: Ville de Townsville, Australie
  • To: The Gap, Australie
  • Distance: 1003km

This is now almost the end of june, we’ve just finished our WWOOFing at Kate & Stuart’s near Innisfail. It is now time to leave Queenland, but before, a looooooooong journey is ahead of us !

A trip on “premium seats”

So it is now time to say good bye to the far north of Queensland, its rainforest and its gigantic cane crops. We catch a train from Innisfail to Townsville where we will have to make a stop for the night, because the next day we’ll take another train to Mount Isa at the far west of Queensland.

This portion of journey to Townsville is rather confortable, because on this trip only premium seats were available. Usually our train passes wouldn’t allow us to book on such seats, but this time we had the opportunity to do it. Only we had to wait 7 days before departure and try to book last minutes premium seats.


And we have to say that these premium seats are really premium. We feel just perfect! Heaps of room to stretch your legs, a private screen with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, and radios to choose from. A real pleasure! We should have travelled this way all along ! Only if we could afford it… ahah !

A quick stop in Townsville

Our comfy trip stops after a few hours because we have a connection in Townsville. We find a backpaker for the night since our train to Mount Isa is only leaving the next day.

We now know Townsville pretty well for having stayed here twice before (before and after our WWOOFing on Magnetic Island). Almost feels like home ! We even take time to have a run early in the morning before we catch our train to Mount Isa. Not a bad idea, considering the fact that we have more than 20 hours of train ahead of us…

Townsville > Mount Isa : See ya Queensland!

Our last trip on Queensland Rail lines, one of our partners. Nothing better than a few thousand kilometers to end our Queensland adventure. Yes, Townsville and Mount Isa are both ends of the Inlander line.

The name of the line suits it well! The Inlander makes us cross Queensland from East to West. A good way to discover the Queensland outback, enjoying the sunset and the sunrise (yes this is a looooong trip) over the landscape which is getting more and more red…

Here we are now in Mount Isa, waiting for our bus to the Northern Territories. It is now time to say goodbye to Queensland where we spent 2 amazing months! Also time to thank again Queensland Rail, our partner who made us safely travelled through Queensland during these last 2 months!

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