Wanaka > Queenstown

  • From: Wanaka, Nouvelle-Zélande
  • To: Queenstown, Nouvelle-Zélande
  • Distance: 67km

From Wanaka, we have to reach Queenstown. We really have to be there on Monday night because on Tuesday, we’ll leave at 7 am for a four days hike! We checked the bus schedules but the hours are not very convenient… From what we’ve seen so far, it seems that hitchhiking is easy here. Plus, the guy in our hostel advise us to do so. So here we go again!

Quite early in the morning, we stand on a road which basicaly only leads to Queenstown. This should easily do the trick. Indeed 10 minutes later, Jack, an australian guy who’s working as a canoyoning guide here in Wanaka, picks us up. One hour later, we arrive in Queenstown. Easy!


We have now the whole day to enjoy the city. Queenstoxn is a bit like Wanaka, but much bigger. There is a beautiful blue lake and montains on the background. We hire bikes at our hostel to have a ride along the lake. Such a wonderful way to discover the area! Then we try the Fergburger (apparently a must-try in Queenstown!) and have a walk in city center. A real holiday!


This is actually a good thing because tomorrow we leave for a four days hike: the Milford Track, the most famous hike in NZ!

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