Sailing Cruise in the Whitsundays!


We are just back from a 3 day sailing cruise in the Whitsunday Islands. The least we can say is that is was “pretty awesome”! Long story short, we have been on a sailing ship called the S.V. Whitehaven for 3 days. This ship can take on board up to 30 people, crew included. This time we are only 12 which is great! Because to be honest, being on a boat is fun but you have to like small spaces. Alright, you are surrounded by the ocean. But your room… Don’t expect it to be biger than your toilets (I hope you have big toilets at home…).

Great activities, Rough sea…

On the agenda for this 3 days: sailing, beach, snorkeling, kayaking and snorkeling again. And if we are nice people, maybe a bit of snorkeling again. Great because we love snorkeling!

In the end we have to say that they didn’t lied to us! Or maybe a little bit about the sailing part… Because we mainly did “engine assisted” sailing without sails… But we had so many things to do and see, it wouldn’t have been wise to rely in the wind! Plus, we do prefer snorkeling and the see was a bit rough. So good thing we went quickly through this weather with the engine on!

Whitehaven beach… under the rain!

This cruise is made to enjoy some of the most beautiful spots of the Whitsunday Islands. Unfortunately for us, weather was not so good and we had to deal with a few showers. Our bigest regret might be Whitehaven beach because the rain started to fall at the very moment we went on shore. And of course stopped when we left…

Kayaking with the turtles

It is hard to describe our kayaking experience with the turtle… But in a nutshell, it was simply amazing!

We went kayaking in the bay right next to whitehaven beach. This bay is know for sheltering a lot of green turtles. And indeed we met a looooooot of them! We were kayaking just next to them. So close that we were able to touch them!

Snorkeling… with turtles too !

Regarding snorkeling, the whitsunday islands is a great spot! Water is crystal clear, you get a great visibility underwater. Fishes are so colorful we think we even found the one that inspired the sporting clothes in the 90′ (

We did many snorkeling sessions in different spots. The crew gave us interesting speech about fishes, corals and shellfishes in the Whitsundays.

To end this post (because we could talk about it for hours), during the last snorkeling session, I had the chance to meet a huge green turtle which didn’t seem surprise to see me, neither was I (yes I am lying, it scared the shit out of me…). So we decided to have a swim together. And this is how I ended up swimming for about 15 minutes with a giant green turtle. It made my day!

As you can see, we had a great time during this cruise. If you have the chance to come around and you want to try go on a sailing cruise, we definitely recommend you the S.V. Whitehaven!

Sorry we only took a few a pictures, we hope you will like them:

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